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Liquid nitrogen dispensers from SPELS

We supply liquid nitrogen dosing equipment for the food and beverage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. The dispenser delivers a controlled, measured amount of liquid nitrogen to the product packaging just before the final packaging or capping process. The liquid nitrogen vaporises and expands 700 times into the gaseous phase in the headspace of the product, creating a stronger container. This process is also effective in removing oxygen, extending the shelf life of the product.
Nitrogen dispensers are used in the production of still water, juices and juice-containing beverages, wine, and oil. The boiling point of liquid nitrogen is -196, and one drop instantly evaporates when it enters the environment and increases in volume 850 times. Liquid nitrogen can be dosed before filling into empty containers or afterwards before capping (depending on the product).

The dosing of liquid nitrogen ensures:

increased pressure in the bottle;
displacement of oxygen from the container;

- increase the shelf life of products;
- Increasing the rigidity and stability of the packaging.

This equipment is reliable and easy to operate and can be easily adapted to your filling line.

SPELS supplies the following types of liquid nitrogen dispensers:


automatic dispensers;
vacuum hoses;

nozzles and pneumatic valves;
cryogenic tanks.

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