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Diaphragm pumps from SPELS

SPELS offers original pneumatic diaphragm pumps ARO (UK) from the manufacturer.

Diaphragm pump for the food industry.

Pumping beverages with solid inclusions, syrups, liquid concentrates, oils, jams, food products of various consistencies.

Diaphragm pump for the chemical industry.

For pumping acids, emulsions, slurries, alkalis, reagents, phosphates.

Diaphragm pump for the paint and varnish industry.

Aggressive and abrasive compounds, paints, varnishes, solvents, enamels.

Diaphragm pump for the paper industry.

Pumping pulp, glue, bleach, paint, etc.

Diaphragm pump for the cosmetics industry.

Varnishes, solvents, aggressive environments.

Diaphragm pump for water treatment.

Reagent pumping of clean and contaminated liquids.

Diaphragm pump for the construction industry.

Pumping varnish and paints

Diaphragm pump for the pharmaceutical industry.

Pumping liquid, viscous medicinal liquids, suspensions, emulsions and mixtures.

Diaphragm pumps are available in the following designs: aluminium, plastic and steel.
SPELS experts will analyse your requirements and select the optimum solution for the installation of a new or replacement diaphragm pump.

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ARO diaphragm pumps




Performance: up to 908 l/min
Temperature: depends on the elastomers
Pressure: up to 8.3 bar
Particle diameter: up to 9 mm
Materials: stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium



Capacity: up to 850 l/min
Temperature: RE: +80°C / PTFE: +120°C
Pressure: up to 8 bar
Particle diameter: up to 15 mm
Material: stainless steel AISI 316L