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Modernisation of equipment

модернізація обладнання

The modern industrial world is developing dynamically, requiring businesses to continuously improve and increase efficiency. One of the key success factors in this competitive environment is the modernisation of industrial equipment.

Why is there a need for modernisation?

Owners of industrial equipment usually think about upgrading it in such cases:

  • Significant slowdown in process performance. This can be caused by physical wear and tear on the equipment, outdated technology, or inefficient use of its capabilities.
  • Increased competition. To remain competitive, businesses need to constantly upgrade their production facilities to produce better quality products at a lower cost.
  • Changes in regulatory requirements. The upgraded equipment can meet new environmental standards, labour safety standards and other requirements.


The benefits of modernisation:

  • Increase productivity. Modernised equipment can operate faster, with fewer downtimes, resulting in increased output.
  • Cost savings. Modernisation can help reduce energy, raw material and maintenance costs.
  • Improving product quality. Modernised equipment can provide better accuracy, reliability and product quality control.
  • Increased security. Modernised equipment can meet new labour safety standards, making it safer for staff to work on it.


There are two ways to upgrade:

  • Purchase of new equipment. This requires significant capital investment, can lead to production downtime and requires staff to learn new equipment.
  • Modernisation of existing equipment. This way is usually more cost-effective, saves time and does not require a production shutdown.


Modernisation may include:

  • Replacing individual components such as motors, sensors or control systems;
  • Installation of additional equipment to expand the capabilities of the machines;
  • Software updates.


Spels specialists will help you:

  • Analyse the efficiency of your equipment;
  • Identify the best ways to modernise it;
  • Develop a modernisation plan tailored to your needs and budget;
  • Modernise your equipment with minimal downtime.

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