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Cam pumps from SPELS

SPELS offers original cam pumps from leading manufacturers.

Cam pump for the food industry.

Pumping honey, chocolate, confectionery fillings, beverages and juices, fats, vegetable mass, sour cream, yoghurt, condensed milk, processed cheese, minced meat, sugar syrups, dough, liquid concentrates, oils and fruit jams.

Cam pump for the construction industry.

Pumping putty and gypsum.

Cam pump for the pulp and paper industry.

Pumping pulp, glue, bleach, paint, etc.

Cam pump for the chemical industry.

Pumping aggressive and toxic viscous media, including those contaminated with solid particles, corrosive, acidic and alkaline mixtures, isocyanates, polymer solutions, etc.

Cam pump for the pharmaceutical industry.

Pumping liquid, viscous medicinal liquids, suspensions, emulsions and mixtures.

For pumping high viscosity products, it is possible to install a heating system in the working chamber.

SPELS experts will analyse your requirements and select the optimum solution for the installation of a new or replacement cam pump.

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