Equipment and spare parts from manufacturers

Repair kits and spare parts for pumps

The demands on pumping equipment are increasing every year. Therefore, manufacturers are offering more and more functional and reliable spare parts that can provide a high level of comfort and stability for any system.

We supply pumping equipment and components: Netzsch, Seepex, Allweiler, PCM, Wangen, Aro, Depa, Yamada, Graco, Sandpiper, Tapflo, Flux, Blahdon, Comexi:

  • stators;
  • rotors;
  • pump housings;
  • bushings;
  • end seals;
  • connecting components;
  • air valves;
  • valve seats;
  • balls;
  • diaphragm/membrane;
  • gaskets;
  • rods;
  • repair kits;
  • filters;
  • o-ring seals;
  • shafts.

The advantages of ordering spare parts for pumps from SPELS:

  • We cooperate directly with OEMs, not with intermediaries;
  • We provide a guarantee for all products;
  • We will advise and help you choose the right components;
  • Quickly process and deliver orders on time;
  • We offer our many years of experience.

The department's specialists will provide a selection of high-quality and durable spare parts for your equipment.

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Rotors and stators for screw pumps

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Stator, rotor, pump casing, mechanical seal, connecting sleeve.

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Diaphragms and balls for diaphragm pumps

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Diaphragms, balls, valves and seats, seals, silencers, stems, filters, repair kits.

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Hoses for peristaltic pumps

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We supply hoses made of these materials:
natural rubber (NR), natural food grade rubber (NRFG), nitrile rubber (NBR), nitrile food grade rubber (NBRFG) and CSPE rubber

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Mechanical seals

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