Equipment and spare parts from manufacturers

Spare parts

Our company supplies spare parts from international manufacturers. Thanks to direct delivery from the factory, the cost for the buyer is significantly reduced, bypassing additional intermediary margins. All products we offer are certified in accordance with international norms and standards. In addition, we manufacture spare parts according to individual orders and drawings of our customers.

SPELS offers its customers high quality plates and seals for heat exchangers from renowned manufacturers. Direct contracts with the manufacturers and the volume of goods sold allow us to maintain the most competitive price.

If you need emergency assistance when your equipment breaks down, don't hesitate to call us.


Filling and blowing lines

Gasket, bushing, shaft, gear, screw, pin, piston, spring

Packaging equipment

Seals, sealing elements, Teflon inserts

Can seamers

Cartridges, rollers, bearings, machine accessories

Heat exchangers

Plates and seals


Valves, spare parts, repair kits


Stator, rotor, pump casing, mechanical seal, connecting sleeve, diaphragms, balls