Equipment and spare parts from manufacturers

Spare parts and replacement parts for packaging equipment

SPELS is a reliable supplier of spare parts for packaging machines in the food and non-food industries. We serve a wide range of companies around the world. We design, manufacture and sharpen industrial cutting parts (knives), welding pads and wear parts. We also specialise in parts for horizontal and vertical packaging machines.

We supply packaging and labelling equipment and components: SMI, Dimac (Robopac), Krones, Arol, PE:

  • knives (circular, perforating), cutting blades;
  • welding pads (sponges);
  • conveyor belts;
  • rubber seals;
  • teflon inserts;
  • heating elements;
  • temperature sensors;
  • photovoltaic cells;
  • springs;
  • plastic stars;
  • rolling heads;
  • pneumatic cylinders;
  • guides;
  • bushings and cuffs;
  • rollers;
  • vacuum cylinders;
  • suction cups;
  • chains (toothed, flat).

Product packaging is an important process in various industries. Good packaging protects products from harmful internal and external influences. These include, for example, moisture, temperature, viruses and transport damage. 

Sealing pads (sponges)
Cutting parts
Production of spare parts to order

The welding pins have a decisive influence on the packaging process. If air is allowed to pass through the packaging during welding, there is a risk of foil damage.
Thanks to our high-quality materials and precise processes, we guarantee the most airtight packaging possible to ensure product freshness.

Our components are used in both horizontal and vertical packaging machines that punch bags, cut them in a straight or zigzag line. We design individual modules for all types of packaging machines, as well as the additional option of a euro slot or variable perforation.

We use our knowledge to select the highest quality material for your specific application, ensuring a long product life. We manufacture parts based on the technical specifications, drawings or samples you provide.

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