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Heat exchangers from SPELS

We supply heat exchanger assemblies for the food, sugar, pulp and chemical industries, based on original ОЕМ plates for many global brands.

The heat exchanger from SPELS is used in such processes:

cooling of wort;
cooling of milk;
heating of syrups;
heating and cooling of oils;
pasteurisation (beer, milk);
wine cooling.

diffusion juice heater;
heater of the filtration juice;
white and green molasses heater;

cooling of wastewater;
cooling of the flushing water;
evaporation of wastewater;

cooling alkaline and salt solutions;
cooling of acids;
cooling of sulphuric acid;
cooling of circulating water;

Plate heat exchangers are used in heating, hot water, air conditioning and any other process applications. Heat exchangers transfer heat energy to the heating medium from a heat carrier, which can be hot gas, liquid, steam or other medium. The media is moved by compressors or water pumps (circulation and other).

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