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Packaging equipment from SPELS

We supply packaging equipment for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. With SPELS equipment, you can dispense bulk, lumpy, liquid and paste-like products into a variety of packaging types:

-stick pack;
-cushion bag;

-retort package;
-skin packaging;

-bottle (PET, glass);
-can (reinforced concrete, Al);
-ampoules, etc.

Packaging equipment is used at the final stage of most industrial production, from food to pharmaceuticals. The main goal is to automate the most labour-intensive production processes: dosing, packaging and sealing products, forming and gluing polymer bags, etc. Film, forming boxes, putting products in boxes and gluing boxes, wrapping and shrinking film, grouping products on transport pallets, wrapping loaded pallets with stretch film. The packaging line complex includes equipment for automatically applying information to packages in the form of labels, laser or ink drip marking, which is used to move products between packaging stages at the production site, and a conveyor belt.

SPELS offers equipment for secondary packaging:

-Display box;


-shrink film;
-pallet, etc.

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