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Autoclaves from SPELS

We supply autoclaves for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. With autoclaves from SPELS, you can produce the following products:

zucchini caviar;
peas, corn, beans;

Iriska boiled condensed milk;
goose liver in its own juice;

chilled crab sticks;
wet animal feed.

All SPELS autoclaves are pressure tested. Moreover, all of our devices are equipped with a high-quality 6 atm explosion valve, which guarantees absolute safety.
The first time the autoclaves are checked is immediately after the welding work has been completed. At this stage, the autoclave is checked under a pressure of 3 atm, which makes it possible to ensure the quality and tightness of all welds.
The second test takes place at the final stage of autoclave production, namely before shipment. After all the components are sealed and installed in the autoclave lid, a pressure of up to 6 atm is applied. This test makes it possible to ensure that the components are in good working order and that the seal is tight. The device is kept under this pressure for at least 24 hours. 

SPELS offers the following types of horizontal autoclaves:

horizontal static;

with a water cascade;

with a spray of water;
with full immersion in water.

We will be happy to answer all your questions, select the best solution, and justify the economic and energy efficiency of purchasing horizontal autoclaves using your products as an example.

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